Summer Photos of the area

We are looking for your help. To publicize the cause we need to get photos on social media and the internet in general. As summer is almost here, and a Bank Holiday and half term are upon us, now seems the time to ask you to take pictures of the area.

Firstly, we are looking for photos of the stunning landscape that will be spoiled by the proposed gigantic pylons. We may make a montage of how some of these will look after the imposition of the new monstrous ones.









Secondly, we are looking for pictures of the existing pylons showing how even the existing smaller ones are ugly against the skyline, the seascape or distant mountain tops. You know the sort of thing.



Thirdly, maybe really ugly individual pylons or short stretches giving some particular problem. Perhaps near houses, schools, public areas. The sort of thing we can caption with “Look how bad it is now, how much worse will it get”


You can send them the most convenient way for you.

Email to, or make a visitor post on our facebook page – powerwithoutpylons. Tweet to @PWPylons. On Instagram we are powerwithoutpylons. If there is some other social media channel you think we should be using then let us know.

We will credit you with taking them. They remain your property, we just want to use them for a short time. We will keep this running until at least the August Bank Holiday and maybe even until the end of the last public consultation – likely to start in September and October.

There are no prizes -except we have been thinking of doing a calendar for 2017. If that happens we will look at using some of these so that you may be kept for eternity.

We hope you can help – get those cameras/phones/tablets shooting.