Spot the Pink No Pylons Poster

Spot the pink NO PYLONS poster – a bit of fun!

We are going to post any pictures that are sent to us of our increasingly divergent pink NO PYLONS posters. Here is the idea. Just take a picture of any that you see whilst you are out and about. It may be in someone’s car, it may be your house, it could be somewhere you shop. Maybe your local pub. If you give us the links for the business we will try to get them a mention.

Some people are interested in taking one to pose in a scenic location, with friends. Someone suggested on a kayak in the middle of the Duddon Estuary – sounds cool to us.

Only rules are: play nice, do not harm yourself or anything else. Please do not leave a wandering pink poster where you have taken it. One of our main arguments is protecting the landscape of the Lake District National Park and its setting – so we do not want littering it up with the pink posters. It would be nice to have the location or event or people involved.

Every one that is posted is just a little reminder to the world that there is a campaign running to resist plans for these gigantic pylons through the west of the Lake District National Park and lots of its setting through the Duddon Estuary.

Send your picture to the easiest of our social media accounts on or @PWPylons on Twitter. Or email

Here is one from just nearby

2016-06-06 08.57.50