Questions to ask at NuGen exhibitions

You may have received a booklet through your door if you live in the region of the power station to link with the public consultation exercise that NuGen are running. But then, you may not have received anything. These questions below are meant to prompt you and maybe generate other things for you to ask at the exhibitions. Please go!

For Broughton it is 16 June, Millom 17 June, Barrow 18 June all 11:00 to 19:30. Other places are on the NuGen website

Does NuGen object to the offshore option for connecting the south route for power from Moorside to Heysham? If so, why?

Will NuGen support the attempts to keep giant pylons out the “the most uninterrupted prospect anywhere in the British Isles” – view west from Hard Knott? This applies to almost any view from a high point in the Lake District National Park as all the north, west and much of the south will be affected. If not, why not?

Does NuGen support the Lake District National Park Authority in its bid for World Heritage Status for the whole of the Lake District and in so doing, bring many international visitors to the area and boost the economy? How will it be doing that? If not, why not? How will having giant pylons help this bid? Would an offshore route avoiding the most unspoilt part of the Lake District, the only part of the National Park to meet the sea, not be better? Does NuGen believe 50m tall pylons would enhance the view from cruise liners passing close to the shore?

How does NuGen propose to encourage permanent settlement of incoming workforce families in the region? How will this be helped by having giant pylons through some of the prime housing areas?

Does NuGen recognise the importance of the visitor economy (tourism to you and me) to the Cumbrian economy? How will having hundreds of 50 metre tall pylons, forming a ring of steel around the county, help in doing this? Would it not be better to bury the cables in the seabed in at least the most vulnerable south western part of the area?

Does NuGen appreciate the attraction of large pylons to malicious activity (terrorism to you and me) in hamstringing the operational capability of the plant and the power supply to local residents? Local residents may be feeling ignored and take it out on undefended pylons rather than a secure complex. Anti-Nuclear warriors would find it easier to bring down a pylon in a remote field than break into a guarded plant. Out and out terrorists would find dropping a row of pylons onto road, rail or houses and crippling a nuclear plant supplying 5% of the national daytime electricity demand to be a great spectacular. By the way, it has already happened elsewhere. Would it not be better to have at least one route offshore, buried in the seabed, leaving and landing in secure areas?

And some others ….

What will NuGen be doing to minimise the traffic caused by a temporary and immigrant workforce? How will they help reduce this by settling staff permanently in the area? Will these new workers want to look at gigantic pylons through their lounge window? Will those staff want to send their children to school within metres of giant 400kv pylons – Kirkby, Ireleth, Lindal at least?

How will NuGen be supporting the improvement to transport infrastructure in the area to help its workforce and construction? Will it, perhaps, be supporting wholesale improvements to the A595 coastal road? Will it, perhaps, be supporting a full Duddon Crossing route on a timescale to accommodate the inclusion of a 400Kv service tunnel? Will it support the improvement of the coastal rail system to move goods and personnel to that? Will it be supporting the acceleration and extent of superfast broadband to allow some of its workforce to work from their residences in the area? Will it be supporting the improvement of a mobile phone network that is reliable? How will it show this support?

How will NuGen be minimising the need for water supplies to this complex? Our visitors come to see the lakes in the Lake District, not infrastructure workings like pumping stations and pylons.

And a more forward thinking look …

Does NuGen recognise the lost opportunity in creating the start of a national ring of offshore power routes, connecting up the large nuclear, wind and tidal energy generators that will be created in the coming decades and which are located on the coast or just offshore? How will it be justifying this omission to its regulator, the energy industry regulator, the Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of State for Energy?

Does NuGen demand that its supplier, National Grid, produces a solution that alleviates the concerns of the residents and authorities in the area? Will it risk turning the tolerant attitude of the local population against its own project in retribution?

That will do for starters.


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