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Power Without Pylons

Power Without Pylons is a local group formed to campaign for a pylon-free solution to connecting the proposed Moorside nuclear power station to the UK electricity grid. The group accepts the need for diverse power generation and welcomes the contribution Moorside will make to the local economy, but seeks to protect the unique landscapes of the Lake District.

Our View

The proposed pylons are too big, out of scale with the landscape and dwellings hereabouts.

It is beyond belief that National Grid has been allocated £500m to take down about 50 pylons in other National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and yet continues to propose about 100 in the Lake District National Park and a further 100+ in the setting of this National Park.

Offshore sub sea cabling with the necessary technology at each end would be the best solution. Despite public support, this option was discounted after the first public consultation. It remains feasible and technically achievable.

The group remains neutral on the desirability of the construction of the power station itself.

We welcome the investment and jobs that the Moorside project will bring during construction and operation. However we are concerned about the damage the pylon route, and its construction, will have on the local economy, particularly the growing number of visitors that use our local businesses.

Following our principle of engaging with National Grid without endorsing their proposals, we are contributing regular comments to their current work on their proposed Onshore Route with Tunnel under Morecambe Bay. We have many reservations on how this can be “mitigated”, which are dealt with in more detail on the Issues section of this website.

We want an out of sight approach which will deal with most community objections – lessens the impact on the landscape from which we derive 25% of the local economy, removes the noise and other possible health effects from cables in the air, reduces the effect on property values, does not spoil a leading playground for the country.

We would prefer a completely pylon-free landscape offering residential opportunities and new business ventures in the area.

The area is unique, scenically beautiful, a pleasure to live in and visit and worth the cost.


Anyone interested in the group, seeking more information on the issues, or wishing to join in the discussion, can contact our Secretary, Graham Barron graham.barron@powerwithoutpylons.org.uk