Poll on North West Evening Mail website

The North West Evening Mail, based in Barrow in Furness, has run a series of articles about the proposed gigantic pylons on the route from Moorside power station to Barrow. The latest article includes a poll to ask if readers are concerned.

We hope our supporters can click on the link below and then show their concern. The poll will probably not be there for very long. Please act quickly.

Some concerns may be massive pylons threatening our visitor economy, damaging property prices, being a deterrent to new people settling here and maybe even posing questions about heath effects.

This is a great chance for us to keep this issue well to the front of the mind of the NWEM staff when they are thinking of articles to write.  The more interest there is from the public the more the issue will be reported. An easy follow up article would be the overwhelming concern of the people who entered the poll.

The article also makes a great point that the Barrow and Furness MP, John Woodcock, supports our campaign and is asking Amber Rudd, the person with the final decision as the Secretary of state for Energy and Climate Change, for an urgent meeting.

NWEM article on John Woodcock with Poll on concerns