NuGen announces 1 year delay

NuGen has announced a delay of 1 year before the first turbine of 3 will be operational at the proposed Moorside nuclear power plant.

Nugen indicate that this delay is due to more time being spent of getting approval for the reactor design. We think that this is a good thing to get right first time! We recognize the growing need that the nation has for power and the Governments decision to site one of the 6 proposed nuclear reactors on the West coast of Cumbria. We welcome investment and jobs for the area. We recognize the experience the area continues to have in the nuclear industry.

This delay does offer a chance of more consideration for a sensible solution to the problem of connecting Moorside to the main national grid network. We prefer a solution that is pylon free through the Lake District National Park and the Duddon Estuary. We would urge National Grid to take advantage of this year to design a solution acceptable to local communities. Pylon free is best.

The delay affords time to reconsider the Offshore option, discarded despite public support. It certainly gives time to do a proper study on a tunnel under Duddon Estuary to match the proposed one under Morecambe Bay. It may even give time to find research on suitable superconducting cables suitable for putting underground!

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This follows warnings in March that there could be delays to granting consent for the reactor design North West Evening Mail