National Grid route announcement postponed!

There was a meeting scheduled for yesterday (12th Oct) where National Grid PLC had intended to announce the final route details for the NWCC project. At the same time, they would have announced the dates for the final stage of consultation. We had assumed that this would be completed before Xmas.
On Monday (10th Oct) (last minute stuff!) National Grid postponed this meeting, and we have not yet been informed of a new date for it.

This is good news, as it seems to imply that all the local opposition is having some effect. We think they are working on some extra mitigation – for example, a short stretch of undergrounding. However, we think it is very unlikely they will offer to underground the whole route south from Moorside.

The only acceptable option for Power Without Pylons is one that puts the whole southern route out of sight. This could be complete undergrounding, or, even better, the Offshore route which National Grid originally proposed themselves.