National Grid drop in Community event

25 September 2015

Today is the National Grid drop in community information meeting in Broughton in Furness at the Victory Hall from 14:00 to 20:00. Please go along to see the size and route of the proposed huge pylons.

You could ask National Grid:

Why are they not going UNDER the Duddon Estuary, saving scores of pylons?

Why are they not burying the cable in the Lake District National Park?

Why are they not avoiding the EXISTING World Heritage Site of the Roman ruins at Ravenglass?

Why are the going near Kirkby School?

Why are they trying to drive the equivalent of a motorway through the Hobbit Shire at The Green?

Why are they going near Ireleth school?

Why are they moving the line of pylons closer to homes to avoid trees in SSSIs?

and anything else that you do not like!

The answer will be a variation of “cost”. You know what, we do not care!

Our point is that if Moorside is selected as the Government’s preferred site, situated about as far from the consumers of the electricity as it is possible to get, then, unfortunately, the consumer will have to have a small amount (about £1) added to their ANNUAL bill. It is not fair to ask us the bear all the brunt of the impact of this when we do not use even close to 1% of the power.

See you there! Have a GREAT time.