Volunteer Roles – how you can help PowerwithoutPylons

Here are a few Roles that we need to fill. All you need to do is email info@powerwithoutpylons.org.uk with the job you are interested in and something giving any experience you have had and why you want to do it.

All posts are unpaid!

Social Media managers. One or several opportunities. We run a Facebook page and a Twitter account. These need to be promoted. Using items from the management committee and research assistants in a creative way. Other social media outlets will be considered. Senior media manager reports to the management committee.

Research assistants. People to scan what is happening in the energy industry, in other campaign groups, in the news. Then make creative links for us to use. Optionally creating articles involving the research. Some research assistants may prefer to concentrate on analysing the great number of lengthy documents associated with the campaign. Reports to the Research Director.

Treasurer. As we are a formal community group we need to keep financial records and keep any monies controlled. Someone with experience of this. We may become a charity. This post will be an Officer of the group and be a member of the Management Committee.

Video Film Directors. Try your hand and creative talents at short video clips for use on the internet. Experience would be nice! Let us know what can be done! Reports to the senior Media Manager.

Local Coordinators. For a street, village or town. We will need to keep local people aware and interested, expressing their opinion to parish councillors, attending council meetings, displaying posters, distributing flyers and a host of other things. A means of canvassing opinion in a small local area. An ear on the ground for forthcoming events in which we can spread the word. Under the direction of an overall coordinator for the local region.

Copywriter. To create the articles for online and traditional media. To clearly express the group’s views to the members, general public and other organisations. Senior copywriter reports to the management committee.

Event Helpers. We intend to attend as many events as we can whilst this campaign is active to seek support for the campaign. For each event we will need people to attend. You will be the face of the group that the general public sees.

Fundraiser. A person who can take an unorthodox approach to raising the relatively small amounts that the group needs to operate. Reports to the Treasurer.

There will be more as the group develops. Keep looking here to see the changing needs.

Thanks for reading!