Author: Graham Pitts

It was a very well attended meeting on a sunny evening. Organised by concerned residents  in the area, with people there from the communities around the estuary. A very clear explanation of the National Grid project, its implications for residents

Rory Stewart has moved in the recent Government reshuffle. We will put this to one side until we identify the new person with responsibility for National Parks. Rory Stewart MP for Penrith and The Border in Cumbria, is the minister

There has been lots of coverage of this walk we ran jointly with Friends of the Lake District. BMC BBC Friends of the Lake District: North West Evening Mail–08270c72-424a-46f3-ab16-8e3b47c8bd66-ds Border TV BBC News London Broadcasting Company

Spot the pink NO PYLONS poster – a bit of fun! We are going to post any pictures that are sent to us of our increasingly divergent pink NO PYLONS posters. Here is the idea. Just take a picture of

We are looking for your help. To publicize the cause we need to get photos on social media and the internet in general. As summer is almost here, and a Bank Holiday and half term are upon us, now seems

NuGen has announced a delay of 1 year before the first turbine of 3 will be operational at the proposed Moorside nuclear power plant. Nugen indicate that this delay is due to more time being spent of getting approval for the

Just for interest here are the Holford Rules – drawn up after a spate of pylon line erection last century. They are meant to guide the selection of route and siting of pylons. An article commenting on them and their

This morning (13/5/2016) BBC Breakfast did a 3 minute piece on the pylon route south from Moorside. It featured the Ravenglass area. Peter Frost-Pennington gave a measured and straightforward response mentioning the need for power but also the need to

The North West Evening Mail, based in Barrow in Furness, has run a series of articles about the proposed gigantic pylons on the route from Moorside power station to Barrow. The latest article includes a poll to ask if readers

25 September 2015 Today is the National Grid drop in community information meeting in Broughton in Furness at the Victory Hall from 14:00 to 20:00. Please go along to see the size and route of the proposed huge pylons. You